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Web Design

Our aim in designing your web site is to work with you to provide a service which meets your requirements. Whether it's just a simple one page introductory page or a full blown ecommerce site, we will try to achieve the most cost-effective solution that fits your requirements.

Ultimately, the site needs to be found for it to work for you, so we will advise on the name of the site, the keywords for the site and tailor the site to ensure that search engines can find the site.

We also realise that ultimately you will probably want to make modifications to the site and can help you to achieve this either by providing a dynamic site with an administration page or by advising on the tools to use. For example, on a site like this which has been developed in Dreamweaver using templates there is a low cost package called contribute which costs around £100 which can be used by you to update your web site but can restrict the areas you change to ensure that the look and feel of the site can't be accidentally changed. This tool will also work on almost any type of site allowing you to keep in control and work in a simple editor - including word to do your work.

Sometimes, you want a simple site but you want it to be slightly different to advertise your services better e.g. Carwyns Carpentry uses a background picture of wood to better indicate that the services are for a carpenter. It ranks fairly high for a search on google on Carpentry Llanelli since it's got optimised keywords and is in the DMOZ directory for llanelli.


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