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Hosted Content

With Hosting we offer a number of different options depending on your requirements, we will discuss your actual requirements at an early stage to ensure that the service we offer meets your needs fully. Top

Active Web Site

An active web site includes cgi-bin facilities together with the support of server side includes and asp pages. Top

Static Site

A static site is set up the same as an active web site, however, we do not automatically enable server side scripting. This type of site is slightly faster than an active site but can easily be changed into an active site at very short notice.Top

Cold Fusion

We can also offer a site giving coldfusion (web pages have an extension of cfm) which allows you to create a fully dynamic site which is slightly slower than an active or static site.Top

Front Page Enabled

If you want to do all of your development in Microsoft Front Page and use the "extra" features in front page e.g. Database, page counters etc. we can provide a hosting option which includes Front Page extensions at an additional cost. Note that for Front Page hosted sites all work must be done using Front Page, you cannot use other editors to maintain your site. Top


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