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Description of Domain Forwarding

Domain Forwarding

Many people have free websites with their internet service provider. Unfortunately this means the URL is quite long and difficult to remember, for example:
With website forwarding you can have a professional URL such as and still host your site for free with whoever you like. If you change the provider of your hosting, there are no complicated changes to be made to transfer your domain. Both of the above links will open the same site although it looks as if there is a different domain for them both. Note however, that some free sites will validate the domain name when running scripts e.g. the contact form will only work from the free site since this site uses URL Cloaking (see Framed Website Forwarding)

We offer 2 types of Domain Forwarding

Standard Website Forwarding

With this option any visitors to your domain are completely redirected to your actual URL. If they type into their browser and press ENTER, it will be replaced by your actual URL and your site will appear. 

Framed Website Forwarding 

This option is sometimes called 'cloaked' forwarding. With this option, visitors are unaware that website forwarding is in operation because the will remain in the address bar on their browser. This is the recommended method.

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